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I honestly don’t know who to trust anymore. One thing I learned in life that really hit me hard was the fact that people only care about themselves. It’s not that everyone around me is not trustworthy, it’s because, well mostly, they do not care. Another reason is they cannot relate so I wouldn’t even bother.

There are a few people though that I have proven trustworthy but they end up getting upset with me becuase of my apparent “negativity”. I just want to release the negativity, you know, so I could move on and get going again but it really hurts to carry the weight because I have no one to share it with.

Do not bother to message me and tell me I can trust you. My walls are just too damn high for me to let you in. But I guess I’d have to trust people by undergoing a process. I don’t even know if I could do it.

2 years ago, my life was an open book. Now, I have too many secrets.

Honestly, I feel that this school year will be a very very long one. I will most probably be emotionally and physically battered for the next ten months and I have to prepare myself for all that crap and still succeed. So help me God

It’s like the only form of “literature” I encounter in my bum life right now is reading tweets. My mind is like soup.

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